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Heart Magnetic Couple Bracelets

Heart Magnetic Couple Bracelets

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Our magnetic heart bracelets boast a completely reimagined look with a sleek silver coating. We combined simplicity with love and thoughtfulness to create a magnetic bracelet that makes it feel as if a part of your boyfriend or girlfriend is always with you.

Heart Magnetic Couple Bracelets

Why Magnetic Heart Bracelets?

Magnetic Heart Bracelets are our very first design with a heart shaped magnet - 2 halves of a heart become one when placed close to each other.

Because when two halves - you and your love - join, that is beauty. That is love. That is WHOLE.

We were given everything in pairs, two hands, two eyes, two ears. But why only one heart?

Because we are meant to find the other one in someone else.

This style is for the edgy couples who love meaningful yet classic jewelry design.